Sep 5th 764

Lamordia to Construct New “Eisenbahn”

The icy northern Sea of Sorrows has always been trechearous to navigate, but our industrious Lamordian neighbors may be on the verge of creating a form of transportation that could very well revolutionize shipping a n d travel across the world. Utilizing the power of the recently
invented Dampfmotor, Lamordia’s men of science have devised a new carraige- one that needs neither horse nor oxen to pull it- that will travel along a system of rails.
Minor implementations of this new contrivance have shown promise- travellers may now board the machine to journey between Ludendorf and Neufurchtenburg- and Lamordia plans a more ambitious route that will travel between Ludendorf and Rivalis, with construction beginning once the oncoming winter releases our northern neighbors from its icy grasp.

Mysterious Disease Leads to Quarantine

Several blocks of the Quartier Ouvrier have been placed under quarantine due to the effects of an unusual disease that has afflicted the populace. Those stricken by this plague have found themselves feeling incredibly weak, even in many cases being unable to leave their own beds without assistance. Furthermore, patches of pitch black have been observed upon the victims’ skin. The Anchorites of Ezra maintaining the quarantine and ministering to the sick have as of yet been unable to identify the disease or what may cause it. They suspect the squalor of the Quartier Ouvrier as being a likely contributing culprit, as all of those taken sick live and work within it, and the disease has not manifested itself in any other part of the city.

Falkovnia to Raise Tariffs – Council of Brilliance to Introduce Civic Funding of Farms

Merchants throughout the Core will be grumbling at the latest in what has become an annual harvest-season tariff increase imposed on all importation and exportation across Falkovnian borders. Most affected will be the cost of wheat and other grains, for which Falkovnia supplies much of the Core. Whether this new increase will result in our feeding ourselves while we arm our oft-times enemies remains to be seen. While relations between Dementlieu and Falkovnia have remained peaceful but tense, many fear that it is only a matter of time before King-Fuhrer Drakov turns a warlike eye upon Dementlieu or one of her allies of the Treaty of the Four Towers. In light of this news, the Council of Brilliance has proposed granting financial resources as an incentive to domestic farmers for the growing of wheat and other grains.

Gendarmes Raid Shipping Company

In a daring nocturnal raid, the gendatmes of Port-a-Lucine seized a shipment of cargo from the Lehry Shipping Firm after a skirmish with a small group of the firm’s dock workers in a Quartier Ouvrier warehouse late two nights ago. Precious few details have emerged regarding the exact events of the night, though it is known that gendarmes recovered several of the Akiri artifacts stolen from the Port-a-Lucine Museum of Antiquities last month. All those workers present have been arrested, and a spokesman for the gendarmes states that further investigations into the firm are being pursued. An eyewitness to the night’s events claims that she observed the great Alanik Ray amongst the gendarmes, though the master detective has neither confirmed nor denied taking part in the investigation or the arrests.

Sep 5th 764

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