An Education

The character’s are all students at the University, and as students are of course expected to attend classes, and the average course load will occupy roughly 20 hours each week. The courses serve as a way for the character’s to improve a single skill of their choice chosen from the primary skills of the skill challenge. For each week that a character keeps up with his course work, he is allowed to make a skill check of the chosen skill for the skill challenge.

Skill Challenge: An Education

Level: 1 (XP 100)
Complexity: Four successes before two failures for each character.
Primary Skills: Arcana, Diplomacy, Dungeoneering, Heal, History, Insight, Nature, Religion, Streetwise, Thievery
The character decides which skill she is going to study, and decides what sort of course would teach that skill. No matter what skill is chosen, the DC of the skill check is 15. Examples of courses are given below.

  • Alchemy- Arcana, Heal
  • Antiquities- Arcana, History
  • Artifice- Arcana, Thievery
  • Diplomacy- Diplomacy, History
  • Engineering- Dungeoneering, Thievery
  • Journalism- Insight, Streetwise
  • Medicine- Heal, Nature
  • Metaphysics- Arcana, Religion
  • Physics- Arcana, Nature
  • Psychology- Diplomacy, Insight
  • Theology- History, Religion

Success: If the character achieves 4 successes, they have passed their courses for the six week period and gain a permanent +1 bonus in the skill associated with the course.
Failure: If the character scores 2 failures, he may still continue making checks to see if he can still pass the course. If he achieves 3 successes in the remaining weeks, he has managed to scrape by, passing the course but receiving no benefits. If he does not, he has failed the course and his position at the University falls under question. The character’s reputation decreases by 1.

Hook: Extracurricular Activites

2nd-Level Minor Quest (125 XP)
The characters complete the quest if they all participate in some of the various activities sponsored by the University. Their reputation with the University also increases by 1.

An Education

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